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By registering on reply.com.ua, you confirm your full agreement with all the terms of this Agreement. In case of disagreement with one or more clauses of the Agreement, please leave this Site.


The site reply.com.ua is a site for providing online consultations. reply.com.ua is not an employer of experts who advise on the site, and does not enter into any agreements with experts other than this one. All the responsibility for answers and advice lies with the expert who answers your question.


reply.com.ua don't disclose personally identifiable information about users, including contact and billing information. Exception: when posting a question in the Law section with the phone number - we send the user's phone to a law firm.


reply.com.ua has the right to send users informational and promotional emails related to the services of the site. You may partially or completely refuse to receive such emails. The unsubscribe link is in the text of the emails send to you.


reply.com.ua warns that users should be aware of the possibility of negative consequences as a result of committing (not committing) appropriate actions on the advice of experts obtained during consultations or in answering questions in connection with than, they have to make their own decision to use the tips or not.


reply.com.ua warns that any expert advice or answers to questions contained in the category of "Medicine" (as well as in other categories) under no circumstances is advertising or providing medical services. The site is not responsible for the medicines prescribed by the expert and recommends that you consult the appropriate medical institution or doctor to agree on the possible risks of taking the medicines recommended by the experts. When deciding to follow the expert's recommendations, the site user assumes responsibility for the possible consequences.


All communication between the client and the expert is carried out within the service reply.com.ua. The service prohibits:

  • Exchange of contacts with experts: email, phones, Skype.

  • Upload links to information files (audio, video, picture articles, blogs, etc.) that contain personal contacts, links to a personal site or social media page, payment details, or other personal information of the user.

  • Pay for site-by-site consultations, unless payment through the site is technically difficult.

  • Disclosure of personal information obtained in the counseling process to third parties.


In addition, experts of the site reply.com.ua are prohibited:

  • Disclosure of personal information obtained during the counseling process to third parties. In particular, the publication of the consultation history on the Internet.

  • Asking clients to pay for a consultation bypassing the site, unless the client insists on the reverse (in which case the expert is obliged to pay the commission within 24 hours).

  • To provide customers with deliberately false information. Promising customers things that cannot be guaranteed.

  • Advice for users under 18 years of age.

  • Advising users on the brink of suicide.

  • Provide clients with negative information about other experts.

  • Registration as an expert in the sections "Jurisprudence", "Psychology", "Medicine" in the absence of confirmed on the site profile higher or secondary education.

  • Provide recommendations for taking (refusing to take) medicines or medical procedures that may be considered mandatory by site users.


When registering in the reply.com.ua service it is forbidden:

  • Placing in the expert profile of contact information: email, phone, Skype, links to external sites.

  • Placing as a photo any other image, except for the actual photo, where the face is clearly visible.

  • User registration is under 18 years old.

  • Registration with alien or dummy data.

  • Register multiple accounts for one user.


When writing questions and answers are forbidden:

  • Ask unanswered questions.

  • Give answers that do not answer any of the questions, such as "I don't know."

  • Provide links to other resources in answering questions.

  • Leave contact details (email, phone, Skype, social networking pages), as well as wallets for electronic payment systems.


The administration of reply.com.ua reserves the right:

  • Deny the user the service without explaining the reasons.

  • Do not engage in potential conflicts and disputes between users.

  • To unilaterally amend this Agreement.

  • Check that the expert's photo is consistent and that the expert's profile information matches.

  • In case of blocking of the expert profile, freeze the expert account for 3 months, until the obligations to all clients are fulfilled.